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Mastering Python

Python is a simple yet powerful language. It is general purpose language used for countless applications, scripting, automation etc. Python provides a huge library base to ease numerous tasks. It's simple syntax makes it easy for everyone to pick faster and code even complex tasks easily. Python programmers enjoy a strongly rising demand for their skills. Step up, take this course and master your skills.

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22 Feb 12 Sessions Mon-Fri Multiple Slots Available 15,999
20 Feb 12 Sessions Sat,Sun Multiple Slots Available 15,999
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Course Curriculum:


Learning all aspects of python programming i.e. fundamentals and advanced topics. We shall discuss most used libraries, it's programming style and rules with lot of exercises/hands-on. The course is focused more towards practical python programming to enable you to write complex scripts, applications, automations in a confident way. At the end of the course, learner shall be able to solve typical programming problems in pythonic way.

1. Python Basics

Using the Interpreter
Running a Python script
Writing to the screen
String Formatting
FLow control

2. Variables,Conditions and Exception Handling

Variables, Keywords
Decision Making
Operator Precedence
Type Conversion, Comments
Exception Handling

3. Functions,Looping

Parameters, Arguments, Return
Variable Arguments
Map, Filter, Reduce
Anonymous Functions
While, For Loops
Break, Continue
Walk through of Largest, Smallest Program

4. Strings and File Handling

String Indexing, Slicing
Built-in string methods, Looping in Strings
Concatenation, Parsing and Extracting
Opening, Reading/Writing to files
Reading/Writing lines, looping in files

5. Lists

Range Function, Concatenation, Slicing
List Methods, List Comprehension
Split and Join
Sorting lists
Stack implementation demonstration

6.Dictionaries and Tuples

Adding, Updating, Deleting
Dictionary methods, Looping
Sorting Dictionaries
Hand-out: Getting the most occuring word in a text file
Tuple Sorting, Tuple uses
Word count hand-out in a shorter way using tuples

7. Modules,Packages and Object Oriented Programming

Module import, search path
Package organization, Sub-packages and import
Classes, Objects
Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism
Initializer method, self
Class methods, static methods
Exception handling - 2

8. OOP-II, Regular Expression(RE)

Demonstration of OOP Concepts, Exception Handling
RE Quick guide, re module
Search,findall methods
Matching and Extracting data

9.RE-II, Netwoking and Web Scraping-I

Greedy and Non-greedy matching
E-mail validator RE
Network architecture,sockets
Intro to HTTP,GET requests
urllib,beautiful Soup

10.Web services and Web scraping-II

Intro to web services, Xml
Xml hand-outs
Intro to JSON
Parsing json in python
APIs and hand-out with Google Geocoding API

11. Project Assignment, Machine Learning(ML) and Big Data Introduction

Project Assignment
Introduction with ml
Introduction with Big data with python

12. Conclusion and Project meeting

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