Data Structures and Algorithms Training

Data Structures and Algorithms training will help learner understand core concepts of DSA. It will focus on teaching concepts through practical examples and ample assignments , hands-on-sessions and projects. At the end of the course, learner will have a strong understanding of Data Structures and algorithms and confidence to crack any interview.

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Course Curriculum:


Techboost has best trainers from Tier-1 Product companies for Data Structures training and Algorithms training in Bangalore.This course will teach core concepts of Data structures and Algorithms needed to understand the complexity of enterprise level applications. This will help learner crack the technical interviews for tier-1 companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe etc. and groom the learner on design level understanding of real life problems. So sign up today for our Data Structures and Algorithms training and excel.

1. Introduction

What is a data structure and algorithm.
Analysis of algorithms
Time Complexity
Big - O Notation
Space Complexity

2. Linked Lists and it operations

Singly Linked Lists
Doubly Linked List
Circular Linked Lists
Memory Efficient Doubly Linked List
Problems on Linked List

3. Stacks

Stack and it's operations
Stack using Arrays
Stack using Linked List
Problems on Stack
Applications and real time problems

4. Queue

What is Queue and its operations
Circular Array implementation
Performance and Limitations
Problems on queue

5. Sorting

What is sorting
Bubble Sort
Selection Sort
Merge Sort
Insertion Sort
Problems on sorting

6. Searching

What is searching ?
Unordered Linear Search
Sorted/ordered Linear Search
Binary Search
String Searching Algorithms
Problems on searching

7. Trees

What is a tree ?
Binary Trees
Binary Tree Traversals
Pre Order Traversals
Post Order Traversals
In Order Traversals
Level Order Traversals
Binary Search Trees
Problems on Trees

8. Graphs and its algorithms.

Graph Representations?
Graph Traversals
Depth First Traversals
Breadth First Traversals
Comparison between DFS and BFS
Shortest Path Algorithms
Bellman Ford
Topological Sort
Minimal Spanning Tree
Prim’s Algorithm
Kruskal Algorithm
Problems on graph algorithms

9. Recursion And Backtracking

What is Recursion ?
What is Backtracking ?
Examples and Problems

10. Greedy Algorithms

Greedy Strategy
Does Greedy always works ?
Problems on Greedy Algorithms

11. Dynamic Programming

What is Dynamic Programming Strategy ?
Bottom-up Approach
Top-Down Approach
Problems on DP

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